How To Make A Decent Dissertation Proposal On Real Estate Development?

The proposal section of your dissertation will outline a variety of different details relating to the work that you will produce. For example, if you are writing about real estate development, then the following should assist you in making a decent attempt at this particular section of your work.

Deciding what about real estate development you wish to write about

Firstly, you need to think about real estate development, and what particular aspect of this topic you wish to write about. In other words, you need to develop some form of title to base your work upon. In fact, by the time you start writing the proposal, you will have a variety of ideas in mind, not only about the title, but about the writing process in general.

Explaining the objectives of your work and why it is important

One of the other things that you will need to be aware of when it comes to writing the proposal is any objectives that you have. The title itself is likely to give a large hint at any aims you might have; however, you will need to clarify these objectives, as well as highlighting any secondary aims which may not necessarily be immediately clear.

Including details of other relevant work relating to retail estate development

It is a good idea to try and demonstrate that your work will be of relevance. In order to justify the need to write your work, you may also wish to highlight other papers that have been written about the same subject. You can then elaborate on any details that they may have included, although you do not necessarily want to go into great depth - instead, you can simply include various references to other relevant works.

Including details of any timeframe, research methods or other details

Finally, it is a good idea to include details relating to how the work will be done, as well as any planning and timescales. Of course, until the work is completed, you won’t necessarily know exactly how long everything will take; however, it is important that you try to base your estimates on realistic evaluations, rather than simply trying to guess at how long the work will take. As a result, you need to be honest with how long you expect you will need to work on it.