Features of MLA dissertation format to consider

MLA is a common writing format that each students needs to know. Even though there are many formats that one can use, it is good to have some light to at least each of them so that when you are asked to employ any of them, you will have an easier job. If you have no clue about the specific features of this format, you should appropriately utilize this valuable information. To be on a safer lane, ensure you master the following characteristics.

  • The title page
    When creating this page, keep in mind that it should be typed on a computer. Moreover, make sure that all the words are double spaced when using a standard paper. Various things should be on this paper such as the title of your work, year of publication, name of the author and the institution’s name.
  • Margin spacing
    After you start developing your content, each paragraph should be logical and well-spaced, that is, double spacing. The margins for each paragraph should start at one-inch spacing throughout the length of the paper. Do not set one inch for certain paragraphs and tow or zero inches for others. Everything should be uniform.
  • Header and numbering
    Once you start your work, you should develop a head for each page. This can be a summary of the title you have chosen or simply something specific to it.. Each page should have a similar header. Do not change this since you would have changed the format rules. Each header and the page number should be located at the right upper side of the page.
  • Location of the title
    You need to center your title once you have adhered to the other set of rules. It should be placed one double space below the previous writings. Make sure it is written in capital letters and end with a full stop.
  • Citation
    When citing dissertation in MLA, you must be very careful. This entails writing the author’s name, title of the book or journal, the year of publication and the page. Make a clear reference. Your in-text citation should include a quoted text, the name of the author and the year. The last two should be placed in brackets.